How to ACTUALLY Pickup Girls (Being Low Energy)

How To ACTUALLY Pickup Girls?!

Pickup Girls isn’t what you think it is… WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW! In this video I’m going to show you what most pickup actually looks like. And how to have a normal, solid interaction with girls you approach.


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Most people thinks a smooth pickup is about funny, witty lines and banters back and forth. Entertaining like a light saber fight. In reality, majority of the interaction simply looks like a normal, calm interaction. I’m not saying anything special or witty. In fact, you may find what I talk about boring and stupid. Which further proves a point that it doesn’t matter what you say or talk about. You could even be low energy. As long as you’re congruent to your emotions and focus on sub-communication through eye contact, body language, and such, the girl will be into you 100%.

We’re always tired. We’re not always in a high energy mood. And you don’t have to be high energy to get a girl interested or emotionally invested in you. Simply by being low energy and genuinely project that onto her, she will feel comfortable around you because it’s expressed through a place of congruence. The main focus is let her experience your calmness, confidence, and composure. That’s what she is really seeing while I’m talk about the most boring thing ever! So keep in mind, never make an excuse simply because you’re tired or low energy. Don’t let your emotions dictate your actions. Rather let your actions dictate your emotions.

The key is to be consistent with the state that you’re in. Don’t try to pretend or force your enthusiasm or energy level. Women can always tell when you’re not being genuine. It’s much easier to being real than to fake it till you make it. They will appreciate you being real and true to your thoughts, words and actions. Get Girls. Get Confidence. Get Social.