Blueprint to Consistent One Night Stands

Blueprint to Consistent One Night Stands

Most men go to bars and night clubs with the intention of finding hot girls for one night stands. Some have their own strategies that they employ. Some rely on alcohol, get wasted and hope for the best. Some use tricks and lies to convince the girl. At the end of the night most guys strike out because so much of their success with women is based on “LUCK”.

Here Is The Strategy To Consistently Get Results.

#1 Screen for girls who are looking to hook up and have good logistics. In the first 5 minutes, always ask her with who, and why is she out tonight. Figuring out the logistics is the most important thing so you don’t waste your time. If you notice girls who are scanning the room, making themselves more available for conversation, holds eye contact with you, or at a higher emotional state than her friends, you should capitalize on the opportunity and find out her logistics right away.

#2 Escalating your interaction logistically. Move the girl from place to place, even if you’re just moving her from the bar to the dance floor. The goal is to take her home, but if you try to lead the girl from the club straight to your place, it’s too big of a request for her to comply. You want to build up her logistical compliance throughout the night, so she will eventually go home with you. You should also baby step your leads, like bounce her from the dance floor to the bar to the smoking area outside the club, then to some food place nearby and eventually end up at your place.

#3 Establish a sexual vibe between you and her. This is so KEY to getting same night lays. You don’t ever want to get stuck in a friendly conversation until she gets bored and leaves. The girl has to see you as a sexual threat, or better yet a sex worthy guy. There are many ways to introduce the sexual vibe into your interaction. You can escalate the vibe verbally or non-verbally. During your interaction, you can casually introduce the topic of sex by asking a sexual question with “What if”. For example, “If our sex is really bad would you still be my friend?” By using IF, you’re creating a hypothetical situation that you can get away with almost anything you say. A non-verbal ways to sexualize the interaction is even more powerful. Since majority of human interactions are based on sub-communications, the sexual vibe she feeds off of you will arouse her even more. Next time you approach a girl, try to maintain a focused yet relaxed eye contact, have a sly smile on your face, slow down your speech and don’t break the sexual tension.

#4 Build just enough rapport with her throughout the night to prevent her buyer’s remorse and be compliant to your advances. Buyer’s remorse is the idea that you’ve gone too far with the girl physically too fast, but she later regrets it because emotionally she feels like she doesn’t even know you. In case you’re wondering why the girl you got all hot and heavy with on the dance floor just ran off for no reason. Yes, you still want to be physical with the girl to create a sexual vibe. At the same time, you need to be aware of her comfort threshold. Just when she thinks you’re getting all aroused and sexual, snap out of it and have a normal conversation. This makes you unpredictable, and creates a sense of mysteriousness.

#5 Be completely non-judgemental about yourself and her actions to avoid triggering her anti-slut defense. She wants to avoid being responsible for her action towards you, as she doesn’t want to be seen as a slut to herself, to her friends and to you. You have to take 100% of the responsibility off of her when you’re trying to push the interaction forward for the pull. Create a situation where she has nothing to lose, and no repercussions for going with you. A good way to do this, is always be leading. Never expect her to make it happen for you guys. You’re the man, you have to take control and make it happen.

Same Night Lays will seem ridiculously easy once you have internalized these concepts.

Go out and apply them tonight. Good luck, happy getting laid.

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