Day Game VS Online Dating & Night Game

Night Game

is a very fun and good way to start meeting women, even if you’re a guy who never cold approached a girl before. In a Night Club filled with hot girls, you can get lots of approaches in a very short period of time. By limiting the time between your interactions, you will get good really fast through repetition. Given, that you’ve learned the right actions to take.

BUT, since not everyone likes the loud, steamy, stimulus environment. Having to deal with drunk women and then get cock blocked by her friends can be a huge pain in the ass. Plus, most people have an early morning day jobs. That’s why there are other alternatives to meeting women…

Online Dating? Or Day Game.

Online Dating has been a very popular option for men who refuse to go out and meet women in REAL LIFE.  Most men who practice Online Dating seek out women mainly based on appearance and sex appeal. And if you’re one successful Online Dater, you will agree with me that, what’s delivered before your eyes… isn’t usually what you expected from her online pictures. You spend days, weeks, even months messaging women online. And if you get lucky, you would end up meeting her at some point in person. Why not step it up a notch, and learn the way to approach and go on dates with an actual attractive woman in person from the start?! It literally saves you time and all the bullshit. You will also get more practices to go on dates in person. Don’t be another lonely, lazy, pathetic Online Dating Weirdo. Step out of that NOW and take action in your love life to get “More Action” with women.

Why Should You Do Day Game?

I personally prefer meeting women in Day Time (DayGame) over Online Dating.

AND here is some of the ADVANTAGES of Day Game:

  • You will meet a greater variety of women
  • Women don’t expect to be approached during the day.
  • You will usually approach women who are by themselves.
  • You don’t have to deal with drunk girls, cock-blocks and other guys.
  • She will remember you, as guys almost never approach during the day.
  • She is more likely to text you back and come out to see you.
  • Interactions are usually calm and slow.
  • You can go on an Instant Date with her there and then.

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