Does she like me

5 Obvious Signs that She Likes You

At some point in life, you have been in a situation where you are loosing sleep over a girl. You're thinking about whether the girl on your mind likes you back. And the questions come up over and over.

Is she even interested?

Am I friend-zoned?

What if she doesn't like me?

Should I ask her out?

What if I get rejected? 

Today, I'm going to share with you 5 sure signs that she is definitely into you.

1. Questions Questions Questions

If she asks you a lot of questions about your personal life, she is definitely interested. Women are always genuinely curious about the man they is attracted to. They are not being annoying. They just want to get to know you more. So take the time and talk to them and build that connection.

2. Natural Bambi Eyes

A natural, chemical reaction will happen in the human body when we are attracted to the opposite sex. For most women, their pupils will naturally dilate when interacting with a man they're attracted to. This could happen in the first few minutes of initial interaction or every time she sees you.

3. Subtle Touching

A woman will proactively engage you physically if she is genuinely interested in you. If you don't start touching her, she will touch you. She will do it in the most subtle and playful way that you may not even notice. But don't ignore this. At this point, she wants you to touch her back and take control as a man.

4. Instant Text Back

If she is replying you instantly after you send her a text message, there is a very good chance that she is into you. women will not waste time and energy to text a guy back if they don't like him. Be careful, you may also be in the friend zone with this one. Be sure you're not friend zoned by her and this is a great sign that she is really interested in you.

5. Subtle Implications

A woman will almost never give an obvious open invitation unless she is extremely proactive and outgoing. Almost always, they will drop subtle implications while talking to you. For example, in mid conversation she may mention her availability in which she is implying that you should ask her out. Or if she subtly mentions that no one is home and she's alone... The implication is either ask her out or go over to her house. 

All the signs of interest from women requires you to be aware of what is going on. Too many men are so indulged in themselves that they are not paying attention to the woman in front of them. If you get more than 1 of these indicators of interest, it is time for you to take action as a man and move this interaction forward. Escalate the relationship to another level. 

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