Easiest Way to Approach Women

Easiest Way to Approach Women

Have you ever wondered… What is the BEST way to approach women and Impress your way into her pants? well. . . the answer is: There ISN’T a “Best Way”!

Too many guys think about what to say, “perfect” thing to say, smooth pickup lines. The matter of the fact is they are always trying to assess the situation and plan out the “perfect” way to approach. They try too hard to fit into the situation. When it comes to conversation starters it doesn’t really matter what comes out of your mouth as long as you’re congruent to your emotions and thoughts. Instead focus on limiting that reaction time of when you see the girl and approach her RIGHT AWAY. The longer you wait to think of a good way to approach, interesting things to say, you psych yourself out and get massive anxiety.

Essentially, what I’m saying is to get good with girls, you have to throw yourself into the fire and learn how to not get burned. My favourite opener is “Hey! What’s up? I’m Jan.” It’s as simple as that. With your opening line, you’re not trying to impress or woo the girl or fit into their conversation. The purpose of opening is just to get her to respond, as the content is irrelevant. The important part is how you express yourself and continue to talk afterwards. It’s always best to say what is on your mind, and be in the moment. This makes your approach sincere and ‘real’. Be aware of her reaction off your opening and calibrate to it. If you spook her, take a step back and throw a softener like “I know this is totally random…”, or if she’s not responding, amp up your energy and plow (let her experience you). Those are examples of calibration and the more social situation you get into the better your calibration becomes.

The next time you see that hot girl you want to approach on the street, in the mall, in a nightclub, or at a party, MOVE YOUR FEET and immediately walk/run up to her. Then, get her attention before you spit out whatever is on your mind. It’s important to condition yourself to go after what you desire in life.

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