Effective Tips for Instant DayGame Results

Is it nearly impossible to meet beautiful women in the day time?

If you have not tapped into your potential for DayGame, you are seriously missing out on meeting tons of beautiful women out there. Like everything else, there is a learning curve to Day Game. Once you get the skill down, your life will benefit from it for as long as you live. Imagine, knowing exactly what to do when you want to approach and attract any gorgeous women during the day. Whether you’re approaching her on the street, in a mall, in a coffee shop, in a bookstore, or at the beach, the goal should usually be an Instant Date or a Number Close to meet up later.


Tip #1 Be Direct From the Start

Most women are busy when they’re out during the day. They’re either shopping, meeting friends, running errands or on their way to work. Which leaves you very little time to work with. Therefore, you should almost always use a direct opener. Some good direct openers to start an interaction with her are genuine compliments about her appearance or style which highlight the clarity of your intent. It’s very efficient and it cuts out the agenda and all the bullshit as she thinks why you’re talking to her. Direct openers are simple and takes confidence to pull it off.

Tip #2 Smile on the Approach

It can be pretty intimidating being approached by a stranger, especially when women are not expecting to be hit on during the day. It’s very important that you have a natural smile on your face as you walk up and get her attention. Your smile shows your positive energy and healthy emotions. Most guys are expressionless when they interact with women, and some even look pissed off. Subconsciously, they don’t know they’re doing it. It’s such a small thing and yet makes a huge difference. Next time when you approach and open that hottie, SMILE 🙂

Tip #3 Keep Calm and Carry On

The energy level of interacting with women during the day is different from meeting her in the nightclub. Day Game usually takes place in a very calm environment, and if you come in high energy like you would in a nightclub. Quite often you will get blown the fuck out. It’s simply a lack of social awareness. One of the essential elements of mastering Day Game is staying calm and collected throughout the interaction. Many guys mistaken being calm to being boring. You still have to be expressive and be engaged. Never emotionally react to her negative reactions. Always be positively responsive instead of emotionally reactive to her actions. Remember, at any moment in the interaction, Keep Calm and Carry On.

Tip #4 the 90 / 10 Dynamic Shift

Most people aren’t in a social mood when they’re out doing stuff during the day. When you run up and stop that hot girl as she’s walk by, you’re catching her by surprise. Often times, she’s not in the mood to invest in the interaction and stay engaged. That’s why it’s important for you to do 90% of the talking in the first minute or two. While she only responds with 10%. Her initial lack of response and input doesn’t mean she’s not interested; it’s just a lack of social momentum and she hasn’t opened up yet. In any successful Day Game interaction the dynamic should shift after the first 2 minutes. You want the interaction to go from 90 /10 to about 50 / 50 where you’re both adding value and building the vibe together.

Tip #5 Stick Around After the Number Close

Going for the number and setting up a date is the way to go if the girl can’t hang out with you there and then. If she doesn’t respond to your text or flakes, it’s not because your Text Game sucks. Often times, it’s because you’ve made a mistake in the initial interaction. Sometimes, it’s because she is genuinely busy or other legitimate reasons. For the most part, you want to stick around to talk a little more after getting her number. This will dramatically reduce her flaking or not texting back. It shows that you’re actually interested in her and not just the number. Leaving right after you get her number, it makes her feel like it was too much of a pickup. She feels like you’re just there to get the number, and not so interested in the interaction itself.


The key to getting good with DayGame is to practice. Like any other skill  if you incorporate the advice into your future approaches, your results with beautiful women will boost dramatically. If you want to learn it all check out Bootcamp. This Bootcamp will shave years off of your learning curve. In 12 hours, your game will be far more superior than majority of the men out there trying to learn this stuff.