Why Get Good With Women?

Most men in our society are limited to meeting women through Social Circle, work or internet dating sites. Living in a world of 7 billion people and having a pool of only 5 – 10 viable women to choose from… That is fucked up. This is why most men are so needy and jumps onto any chance they get with women. Or they end up settling for less (aka Ms. Good-Enough) because of the lack of ABUNDANCE they have with women.


When it comes to Game and Dating, people thinks some guys have it, some guys don’t and it’s not something that can be learned. The truth is that no man is born with confidence or is naturally good with women. Getting girls may seem easier for some men (aka the Naturals) because of their upbringing, the environment they grew up in, and their achievements in life. These Naturals have developed confidence throughout their entire lives from surrounding themselves with hot women and groups of positive people. They may also have lost their virginity at a very early age, so sex was never a big deal to them. On a core identity level, they feel a sense of acceptance regardless of what situation they are in.

LOOK, the point here is… If you’ve been having “No Luck” with women what’s so ever… There is hope for you! Your genes will not be weed out of existence.

From an evolution standpoint, life’s two basic instincts are survival and replication. Men responds to women mainly based on their replication values. We screen her for things like facial beauty, breast size, hip to waist ratio, etc. This is why a man makes the decision whether he would have sex with a woman within the first few seconds. The process in which a man gets turned on is almost instant, kind of like a light switch. On the other hand, women responds to men mainly based on their core values. She assesses your behaviour, attitude, emotions and personality through time. In modern society, those attributes are closely tied to your survival values as an Alpha Male. This is why a woman takes her time to decide whether she would have sex with a man before she invests in him. A woman might even throw out a series of tests (Shit Tests) to further evaluate a man’s authenticity. The process in which a woman gets turned on is gradually, like a volume knob… if you will. If a woman has low replication value (Ugly), her chance of mating with an Alpha Male is greatly disparaged. How do you think the cosmetic and fashion industry make their money from women? Even if you’re NOT handsome, tall, jacked, rich nor any other superficial qualities, you can still attract a ‘high value’ female through projecting your personality, core values and beliefs in an authentic way. BUT… Does it help to be 6’3, muscular, good looking, and drive a Ferrari? Sure! Do you need it to have beautiful women in your life? NO! In fact, boasting can be a huge turn off for a lot of women. Plus, with all that money, looks and status you’d be attracting women who’s into you for the wrong reasons anyway.

The art of Cold Approach Pickup is the ultimate form of seduction where you approach a girl (whom you’ve never met), and be able to attract, seduce and eventually create a relationship with her. And that is some gangster shit!

Success with women is a skillset that can be learned and developed like any other skills such as playing the guitar. The more you practice as time goes on, the better you become with women. The key is to take actions (Outer Game) that affect your beliefs (Inner Game). The results produced in time, shift-changes all of your limiting beliefs, negativity about yourself, women, dating, and relationships in general. A deep level transformation will take place which translates into permanent confidence and entitlement in life.

To kick start your journey of meeting gorgeous women and self-improvement, get out of your house and GO OUT TONIGHT! Beautiful women are everywhere waiting for you to approach and chat them up.