Get Laid In College

How to Meet Hot Girls in College

Meeting hot girls on campus can be hard if you’re a freshman. How you start your university life is really important for your relationships and development later on. You want to do it right from the start so you have “high social status”. It’ll make hooking up with hot girls much easier…

Top 5 MUST DO for Successful College Dating

#1. Join a social club on campus. No video game clubs, no food clubs, no dance clubs. An actual social club that’s coed and throws social events and parties often. Once you’re in a social club, make friends with the “cool” kids. It’s almost like the same social dynamic as high school. Everyone kind of knows each other. If you’re not cool, attractive girls are not going to hook up with you.

#2. Join a fraternity on campus. This one is HUGE for your social life. Joining a frat will dramatically change your social life. Especially if you decide to live inside the frat house. There will be tons of girls coming to YOUR house every week for parties and social events. You’ll have the opportunity to meet tons of sorority girls as well. The key is to be cool with every guy in your frat and avoid “aggressively hitting on girls” when they come over. It’s almost the same as a social club except your relationship with the people in this circle will be much closer.

#3. Talk to hot girls in class. Doesn’t matter if you’re in a huge lecture hall with couple hundred people in your class, or 30 people in a small class room. Don’t be afraid to talk to the few hot girls in class. Again, avoid “aggressively” hitting on them. Also, don’t take the “friend” route and do her homework. You’re just going to end up in the friend zone. Literally man the fuck up, and ask her out on a date to froyo (frozen yogurt) or bubbletea.

#4. Daygame on campus. Cold approach a girl on campus is literally the simplest way to meet hot girls and get laid in college. On your way to class, or lunch break, you can literally walk up to any hot girl on campus and start a conversation with her. Invite them to parties, dates, or lunch. Instant date on campus in daygame is super easy, since coffee shops are everywhere. Best part is they don’t expect to be approached, so you literally stand out right away.

#5. Tinder often. Chances are… Some girls you’ll never run into or meet on campus might swipe right for you on tinder. Treat tinder like you’re text messaging a hot girl you just met. Setup dates for froyo or meet at some frat party.

You can do all of the above and achieve unimaginable results and get laid with hot girls in college. It’s like taking a giant fish net and catch EVERYTHING in it. All these methods revolves around the idea of being a super cool and social guy on campus. No creepy or sleazy pickup gimmicks is going to get you laid. If you can’t be “cool” or social NOTHING will work for you. To find out specific details about how I help college guys get laid on campus contact me for 1 on 1 Coaching. The ultimate program to literally go from ZERO to HERO in 1 full semester (4 months)

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