How To Handle Rejections

What Is A Real Rejection?

By nature, the fear of rejection is in all of us. The feeling of being rejected shatters people’s realities, especially for men whose ego and pride are strongly attached to it. When it comes to dating and mating, everyone is trying to AVOID rejections. And that is the WRONG frame of mind to come from if you want to be successful. Rejection is literally inevitable. Everyone in this world has experienced romantic rejections at some point, usually in the early stage of their lives. Most men are too timid to even attempt making any “moves” on her unless he is certain that the girl will not reject him.

What happens when you’re trying to avoid rejections, is that you become very calculated in your actions. You over think way too much about what you’re going to say, what you going to do, what you’re going to text, how you’re going to act. This micromanagement of behavior actually completely fucks you over. The counter intuitive part is the more you’re trying to avoid rejections, the higher chance of you getting rejected. Most people fuck up because they try to create the “perfect” situation. There is never going to be a “perfect” situation in pickup and dating where everything is going to be smooth sail from the start. Instead, go heads on with it and learn to deal with the situation as it comes. In fact, the sooner you run into her “token resistance”, the sooner you can push past it.

Logically, avoiding rejections is like avoiding failures, but without the failures you will never achieve success. Therefore if you want the ideal results with gorgeous women, you better go out, and fail fast and fail hard.

When girls dismiss and ignore you immediately or in the first minute. Most people take it as a cold hearted rejection. When in fact, She is NOT actually rejecting YOU… she is only rejecting the situation. There is an element of complete randomness in rejections, as so many external factors play into account. No matter how good your game is, you can never actually manipulate or control how a girl is going to react to you initially. From a technical standpoint, you should always view her rejection as feedback. You learn from your mistakes and you move on. The most important thing is she doesn’t even know you! How can she really reject you as a person?

The right way to deal with rejections:


  • Find something funny about every interaction. This keeps things lighthearted and fun; so you don’t get discouraged easily and end up quitting life.
  • Consider every interaction went well as long as you took action. That’s all it matters. By focusing on yourself, your emotional state will only get pumped as the time progresses.
  • Stay in character and congruent to who you are. No need to emotionally react and make a big deal out of anything. She doesn’t actually know you at all…


  • Look at your successes and failures statistically. This will hurt your growth in the long run. Pickup and Dating is an art, not a science.
  • Be so harsh on yourself and think how bad you suck. Remember there are too many external factors that plays into account.
  • Try to preserve your success by pick and choose your approaches. This will only put you in spectator mode, trying to avoid rejections.

At the end of the day, you just want to be with gorgeous women, then you will have to man up and deal with rejections and turn things into your favor.

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