Hook Hot Girls Consistently

How to hook hot girls consistently

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Once you fully accept the fact that you won’t be able to “HOOK” every girl you meet and that you don’t NEED to hook every girl. You will start to let go of the desperate need for all every girl to give you good reactions. This is what FREEDOM FROM OUTCOME is. Let go of the attachment to just good feelings. Allow yourself to really feel free through self – expression. Focus on things like your eye contact, posture, tonality, facial expression, and the overall vibe. Really allow the girl to experience your personality as much as possible when you approach. When you get really good at sub-communication, you will naturally start hooking more girls than you did before. It’s a good indication that you’re doing it right. If you get blown out by most girls you approach, the problem isn’t that you don’t have anything interesting to say… but rather a lack of interest in yourself and what you have to offer. You don’t feel like you are enough and this is more of an inner confidence issue. The cure is to simply take your thoughts, verbalize and express them to the girl and realize what you already have is good enough and attractive in your own way. The more you start realize that you’re actually “awesome”, the more expressive you will become in interactions. Enthusiasm is extremely contagious, and you can’t just fake it. You have to draw it out from the inside and it starts with loving and actually being interested in yourself.

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