How to Pickup Girls In Vancouver

How to Pickup Girls in Vancouver

Meeting women in Vancouver can be difficult if you:

  • Have a full time job
  • Have no experience in dating and relationships
  • Going through a bad break up
  • Single for too long
  • Have no friends or social circle
  • New to Vancouver

Especially if you want to meet women of quality, her appearance, personality, lifestyle, career, values, etc.

Instead of waiting for her to magically appear in your life, relying on online dating or some matchmaker… (if other options worked you wouldn’t be reading this) This is going to be your the best alternative and perfect solution to your dating problems. How many times do you randomly see a beautiful girl standing around you or walking past you during the day?

STOP being a pussy and take action!

On average, the opportunity presents itself about 3 – 10 times a day. You want to go up to that girl and pickup her up but you have no idea what to do or say… What if you knew EXACTLY what to say to get her attention, get her laughing, get her to come on a date with you, fall in love with YOU and become your girlfriend?

For the past 8 years, I’ve been helping men like you overcome their anxiety and fear to achieve just that. This is called DayGame.

DayGame is the art of meeting and attracting beautiful women during the day time. It could be while you’re walking down the street, in the mall, at the train station or in a coffee shop. Most times your interaction will be short because you’ve got to get home and she has somewhere to be. Within this legitimate time constraint, it is very important that you actually make your intent clear and get her number after setting up a date. There is no need to beat around the bush.

Learn to Attract Women Today


This video is meant to encourage and motivate you to take action. If you tired of being alone and actually want to get consistent results with quality women, check out my LIVE TRAINING PROGRAM. This is a very comprehensive hands on infield training program where I’ll be showing you exactly how to do it step by step. And get you to do the right approaches from then on. Get Girls. Get Confidence. Get Social.