How To Take A Girl Home (Escalation)

How To Take A Girl Home Tonight?

It’s seriously not that complicated! WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW! I will teach you and show you how to escalate the interaction physically and logistically in every social interaction and move forward. This is very important in progressing forward with the relationship.

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How to take a girl home tonight?! The answer isn’t to be funny, good looking, tall, confident or rich. Having all those things will boost the chance of the girl being interested and attracted to you. BUT you’re not going to take her home tonight if you don’t escalate the interaction. Physical escalation is essential to taking a girl home, she has to be comfortable with you touching her before things move forward and get sexual. Most guys have no idea how to touch a girl or when to touch a girl. With physical escalation, you have learn to calibrate. Which means if she gets uncomfortable or put up resistance, you have to take a step back and try again later. Not touching the girl at all will make her question your intent and risk being put into the friendzone.

What truly determines whether you take a girl home is the logistics. Given that she’s already into you. If she’s unable to leave her friends, she has to wake up early the next morning or whatever reason, then it’s not going to happen even if she likes you. Therefore finding out her logistics is very important. Once you found out that she could possibly go home with you, all you have to do is to escalate logistically. In other words, move her around and take her to different places before you try to take her home. If you try to take her home from the place where you started you conversation, it’s very unlikely that she will come with you because it’s too much of a “big jump” for her. You have to make her comfortable by baby stepping it and lead her to different places. (like go for food, go for drinks, walk around, then go back to your place)