How to Prevent Flaking

How many times have you had an amazing interaction with a woman you just met. Got her number. Text her. No response. Never hear from her again. For NO REASON… you thought to yourself.

There could be many reasons why she flaked on you. I always give her the benefit of the doubt. The fact that she is actually too busy. Now if you’re getting consistent flakes for weeks from multiple women, then it is your fault. You’re clearly doing something wrong in your initial interaction…

Top Reasons Why Women Flake On You:

  1. She feels like you were just trying to take something (phone number, date, sex).
  2. She doesn’t know you or remember you at all. (abrupt interaction)
  3. She feels like you weren’t being genuine or real. (trying too hard, faking confidence)
  4. She doesn’t feel the same when you text her the next day. (emotional state)

This Will Drastically Cut Down Flake:

Women needs to feel comfortable and secure about meeting up with a guy they just met. This isn’t an issue if you met her through your friends/social circle. From a cold approach, you’re basically a stranger who she knows nothing about. From her perspective, you could be a weirdo, a creep or even a serial killer… In the initial interaction, make sure you talk about who you are, what you do, where you’re from. Cut the whole “gamey” bullshit and just show her that you’re a normal dude. Once she puts you in the category of “regular cool guy”, she’ll feel much more comfortable about texting and meeting up with you. This is the fundamental of cold approach. Women need to be comfortable before they can be aroused.

Most men tries to “take value” from every interaction rather than give. Basically going up and ask her a bunch of questions and provide nothing in return. No positive emotions, no expression, no fun. Like a “social vampire” who just walk around and suck the vibe and energy out of everyone else. Instead, give value to every interaction. Give value to every girl you talk to. Provide positive emotions through story telling, jokes, sexual innuendos. Give her a full range of expression, so she can experience who you are and your personality. The idea is to not make pickup look like a “pickup”. She needs to feel like you’re genuinely into her. Not her number or the pickup itself.

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