What To Say When Meeting Women

What Do I Say When Meeting Women? (How I Can Help)

The question that every guy asks when meeting women. WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW! I will show you exactly what to do and say in the first few minutes of the interaction when you’re meeting women.


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When it comes to meeting women, most guys are too worried about the lines or content that comes out of their mouth. And guys struggle to keep the conversation going. They end up panicking and scramble for words to keep the girl interested. This is a result of self – judgement and believing what you have to offer is not good enough.

In reality, women are more focused on how you present yourself and your behaviors. When she looks at you in the eyes, she gets a strong feedback of what you’re feeling (Your emotional state). It will influence how she reacts to you. The principle here is it really doesn’t matter what you say or talk about, as long as you’re genuinely interested in what you’re saying. Through your enthusiasm, and vibe, she will be interested in what you have to offer. It’s a matter of whether you think you are enough and everything that comes from you is good enough.

So, stop judging yourself and give yourself permission to verbalize your thoughts. The more comfortable you become in interactions, the more crafty and witty you will get with your words. Don’t worry about being smooth and funny, that will come as you become more experienced in interactions. You should really just focus on accepting and loving yourself for what you have to offer. At the end of the day, if you don’t even like what you talk about… Why would she be into it? The next pickup line or funny story isn’t going to save you.