Mind Blowing Pickup Secret (Emotional VS Logical)

Pickup Secret?! The Magic Pill?!

The answer is YES! This is a mind blowing pickup secret. WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW! In this video, I will show you how to engage a girl on an emotional level VS on an logical level. Watch how I short circuit her brain through emotional communication.

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One of the biggest pickup secret is most men are too logical when it comes to meeting and interacting with women. They are always trying to “make sense” or trying to logically convince women to like them. IT DOESN’T WORK! At least not for the right reasons (Money, Looks, Status). If you want a girl to be attracted to you, she has to feel emotions towards you. In other words, she must be emotionally invested in you. She won’t feel anything if you’re constantly trying to make sense and have a logical conversation. This is due to too much focus on the content of what you say.

Men tend to overlook sub- communication. You think it’s the smooth or funny lines that makes her like you. She doesn’t even know you… yet! Before she gets to know you, she has to experience who are you, what your personality is like. Give her a sample of yourself.

You should be focusing on the vibe of the interaction, the sub-communications. That’s how you engage her on an emotional level. She is literally experiencing you through your eye contact, tonality, vocal variation, rhythm and body language. Most times, girls don’t even remember what you talked about specifically, but they will remember how you made them feel. It’s all in the vibe of the interaction. Focus on creating a fun, comfortable and sexual vibes to get her emotionally invested in you. To learn how to actually get amazing results with women check out the Bootcamp! Get Girls. Get Confidence. Get Social.