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Kelowna BC

“I first heard about Jan through the vancouver seduction community. After taking Jan’s program, I have so much control and confidence in my interactions when I go out now. He really helped turn my life around socially. If you’re ever want to be a happier person, this is the best investment in yourself.”

Toronto ON

“Before I used to meet and date girls through online dating. After this program, I realized meeting women in cold approach during the day is so much better for both parties. I gained a lot of confidence in face to face interactions with beautiful women. I used to be really bad on dates. Now I feel like a new man. Seriously, best self-help program ever. Better than all the money I spent on any other products. Wish I knew about Jan earlier.”

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Shanghai China

“My friend showed me Jan’s videos on the internet last year. I took a bootcamp with him in Shanghai. It was great. I learned lots about dating. I had my first kiss with a beautiful girl on the first night. It was amazing. I really enjoyed the experience. Jan is one of the best I have seen. I like the way he teach and showed me how to do many things. You should really take one.”

Seattle WA

“Jan can seriously help you point out the blind spots and show you the road map to be really good at pickup. Highly Recommended. My skill level is Rookie level when I first started. I believe I shaved three years off my learning curve, so that is probably around several hundred to a thousand hours of in field practice if I go out regularly.”

Vancouver BC

“Working with Jan was unreal. I’ve been taking this program with Jan once every summer since 2013. It really helped to push my comfort zone to meet beautiful women. My job makes it hard for me to actually meet women. I strongly recommend it for anyone who is looking to get out there and take some action to meet hot girls during the day time.”

San Francisco CA

“This is the best program I’ve ever taken. I took 2 bootcamps before with 2 other companies, won’t name them. I didn’t get much results after. I realized Jan’s bootcamp is the best out of all of them. I took a girl back to my place on the second night. He kept pushing me to move all my conversations forward. Before I used to be super shy and timid. He really pushed me out of my comfort zone for the better. Thanks Jan!”