Vancouver PUA Guide

Vancouver is a perfect city for the PUA / Dating scene. Especially in the summer time, tons of hot girls walking on the streets of downtown, hanging out at the beaches, malls, clubs. Granville strip is the hot spot if you’re looking to pick up and do lots of approaches. For Night Game: Clubs like Venue, Joes Apartment, Queen’s Republic, Caprice, and Cellar are action packed with loud bass and younger girls on any weekend nights. Go out early and get tickets from street promoters will save you a lot of money. My personal favorites are big clubs like Venue, Caprice, Celebrities and 560. These clubs have quieter areas for interactions and more women to approach in general.

If you’re into an older crowd and professionals, Gastown and Yaletown are the places to go. In Gastown, you’ll usually find a more mature crowd in Bars like Lamplighter, Blarney Stones, Metropole and Brooklyn. These places have a chiller vibe than the clubs on Granville Street. Hit up Gastown on the weekend with some friends for drinks and find out how easy it is to strike up a conversation. On any night of the week, lots of hot single-professionals hangout at the Yaletown Brewery, Killjoy, The New Oxford, and Bar None. Most groups hanging out in Yaletown are friends from work, which makes it easy to approach and socialize. Work friends rarely cock-block even if they don’t like you.

Here is a list of places to go throughout the week for Vancouver PUA:

Monday: Fortune Sound Club (China Town), Commodore Ballroom, Yaletown Bars.

Tuesday: Celebrities, Queen’s Republic, Cellar, Caprice, Metropole.

Wednesday: Clubs on Granville Strip (International Night), The Pit Pub at UBC (Student party night).

Thursday: Joseph Richards, Lamp Lighter, Fortune Sound Club, Club 23.

Friday: Pretty much anywhere downtown is good, depends on what type of crowd you’re looking for.

Saturday: Venue, Caprice, Portside (Gastown), Queen’s Republic, Joes Apartment.

Sunday: The Roxy, Blarney Stone, Venue.

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