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“I broke up with my first girlfriend after high school, and I thought that getting girls would be easy after… I mean I’ve had one girlfriend, so shouldn’t it be easy to just get another one? I went out with friends and couldn’t get anywhere with the girls at parties, and clubs, not even a single kiss in 4 months.


Frustrate virgin who’s completely clueless about women, dating and sex.

If you have seen my videos, I want to tell you that I was NEVER that guy to begin with…

I’ve always been a “socially awkward” guy back in school…

I never thought I had any chance with hot girls in my life because

I thought that it’s something you’re born with or you’re not.

Any luck I had with a girl back in the day was simply because they chose me, for whatever reason…

I had always been clueless when it came to getting the girls I really wanted.

And I wasn’t a popular kid in school either, which made it even worse.

At one point I was depressed, and played a shit ton of video games. It really sucked.

My Experience

In 2009, I stumbled upon the Pickup Community on the internet. I hate to admit it… BUT

I actually googled “how to be good with women” and what I found was an eye-opening experience.

I discovered that being good with women has NOTHING to do with LUCK at all!

It was actually a way of being, a lifestyle and a skill set that can be cultivated over a period of time through self improvement and practice.

First, it took me 3 years to go from NO RESULTS to pulling hotties from nightclubs on a consistent base. Then I started DayGame, sleeping with countless women that I’ve encountered during the day time. The process I went through to get there was painful, gruelling, and definitely worth it. I pushed myself so hard out of my comfort zone that I’d go home and cry in a pillow after some really bad nights. In the beginning, it was especially tough because I dealt with thousands and thousands of rejections and blowouts through trial and error. I never gave up on myself. I kept going out and worked on my game and social skills until I got the confidence and results I wanted. I actually took matter into my own hands and changed my life.

Why I Do This

Along the way I’ve met and coached a staggering array of different types of guys, from age 18 to the late 50’s. I’ve coached guys from a huge variety of cultures around the world working in all kinds of different professions. One of the best things about the life that I lead is the way I’m continually fascinated by the way every new person I meet and coach. And every new girl I meet and get to know has something interesting to share with me, or help me to learn something new about myself.

When I work with a guy so personally and so intensely on a program it creates a strong bond that exists forever afterward. I always try to catch up when I’m back in that part of the world to see what I can learn down the track and if I can offer any further guidance. Of the thousands of people I’ve encountered during my travels I’ve met and learned from some guys who are absolutely socially brilliant, and truly amazing with girls.

My Mission

I knew it wasn’t going to just end there… I then went on to become a full time dating coach. On my YouTube channel,  I documented my success and failures, lessons and everything I know to teach men around the world. I want to pass this knowledge, experience and skill to transform their lives. Through trial and error, I’ve created a “way/structure” that will transform your results with women. It is going to change your life forever like how I’ve changed mine. Except, it’s not going to take you years to do it! I have laid out the foundations and blueprint for you to get there within a blink time span. You can call it a “hack”, “shortcut”, or whatever you like because it is going to shave years off of your learning curve.

My Philosophy

I will give you 10X more value than you have asked for in return.

The feeling of joy I experience when seeing a client go through this transformation, going from shy nice guy to masculine sex worthy man in one week and ends up with a happy girlfriend 1 month later is better than anything money could buy!

I encourage my clients to become socially liberated, to push the boundaries of social conditioning and self-limitations, and to take firm control of their situations with women. I hope to impart wisdom, good times, and emotional growth on everyone I can. I’m flexible, plays to my clients’ strengths, and brings out the best in them while maintaining the fundamentals of meeting and seducing beautiful women.

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